Operating Procedures

No.DescriptionNumber of Circular LetterDownload
1 Registration and Utilization of Single Investor Identification (SID) of the Client who Constitutes Other Securities Company, Bank, Insurance Company, Pension Fund, or Other Financial Institution Exempted from Opening Securities Account at Securities Company by the Member of the Stock Exchange SE-0001/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0322 Download
2 Obligation of the Custodian Banks and the Securities Companies as the S-INVEST User in relation to the Investment Products’ SID SE-0006/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1221 Download
3 Mechanism for the Registration of Debt Securities and/or Sukuk at PT Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia (KSEI) SE-0005/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1121 Download
4 Data Reference and Information on the Issuance of Single Investor Identification (SID) Based on the Types of Investor    SE-0004/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1021 Download
5 Mechanism for the Utilization of Free of Payment (FOP) for the Book-Entry of Securities Instruction Without Payment of Fund at KSEI SE-0003/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0621 Download
6 Mechanism for the Delivery of Trade Confirmation to the Client via AKSes SE-0002/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0421 Download
7 Procedure for the Delivery of Trade Confirmation and Periodic Report of Mutual Fund via S-INVEST by S-INVEST Users SE-0001/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0421 Download
8 Reporting on the Result of Reconciliation over Single Investor Identification (SID), Securities Account, and Securities Balance SE-0007/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1220 Download
9 Integrated Investment Management System (S-INVEST) Services Fees for S-INVEST Users Carrying Out Securities Transaction Activities for their Own Interest SE-0006/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1120 Download
10 Technical  Requirements  for  the  Investment  Manager  in  Carrying  Out Securities Transaction Activities for Their Own Interests SE-0005/DIREKS/KSEI/0720 Download
11 Reporting  and  Settlement  Mechanism  on  Repurchase  Agreement  (Repo) Transaction SE-0003/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0420 Download
12 The Mechanism for the Registration of Ownership, Overbooking, and  Submission of Single Investor Identification (SID)
over the State Bonds
SE-0001/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0220 Download
13 The Mechanism of the Securities Distribution Resulting From Corporate Actions of the Securities Issuers SE-0006/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1219 Download
14 The Mechanism for the Overbooking of Fund from and/or to the Clearing Account of KSEI at Bank Indonesia by Using Rupiah Currency in the Framework of Securities Transaction Settlement SE-0003/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0819 Download
15 The  Procedure  for  the  Application  of  Approval  on  the  Avoidance  of  Double Taxation and the Implementation of Corporate Action in KSEI SE-0002/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0419 Download
16 Static Data Investor Submission Procedure for the Creation of Single Investor Identification (SID) at KSEI SE-0004/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1118 Download
17 Mechanism of Overbooking of Debt Securities for the Settlement of Electronic Trading Platform (ETP) Transaction at KSEI SE-0002/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0317 Download
18 Provision of Report on Movement and/or Balance of Securities and/or Fund in the Securities Account SE-0004/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0916 Download
19 Mechanism and Requirements for The Utilization of The Integrated Investment Management System (S-INVEST) SE-0005/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1016 Download
20 Mechanism of the Opening of Securities Sub-Account (SRE) and Client Fund Account (RDN) for The Purpose of Implementation of Law Number 11 of 2016 Regarding Tax Amnesty SE-0006/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1016 Download
21 Mechanism of the Opening of Investor Fund Unit Account for The Purpose of Implementation of Law Number 11 of 2016 Regarding Tax Amnesty SE-0007/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1016 Download
22 Overbooking of Securities Without Funds Payment with Free of Payment Instruction at KSEI SE-0005/DIR-EKS/KSEI/1215 Download
23 Amandment of Rights' Transaction Settlement Mechanism through C-BEST KSEI-0078/DIR/0103 Download
24 Settlement of Debt Securities in Foreign Currency Denomination KSEI-0323/DIR/0303 Download
25 General Meeting of Share Holders (Issuer) KSEI-0617/DIR/0503 Download
26 General Meeting of Share Holders (Account Holder) KSEI-0618/DIR/0503 Download
27 Procedures of Rights' Exercise through C-BEST KSEI-2727/DIS/0602 Download
28 NCD and MTN Central Securities Depository Service SE-002/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0902 Download
29 Withdrawal of Securities from C-BEST SE-017/DIR-EKS/KSEI/0900 Download