Other Related Services

Besides general services as previously described, KSEI also provides the following services:

  1. Initial Public Offering (IPO)

    In the event of IPO, the KSEI system will entitle Account Holders to purchase new shares upon the mentioned IPO. Account Holders will then issue instructions on number of shares to be purchased. Instructions are issued during offering period. KSEI will issue a list of Account Holders that have issued buying instructions to Issuers. This list is subject to allotment. Upon distribution date, KSEI will distribute shares that have been allocated to Account Holders in accordance with the allotment result data received by Issuers/Registrars.
  2. Tender Offer

    Tender Offer is an offer to buy or sell a named amount of Securities by one party to another. Account Holders wishing to take part in Tender Offer may forward a participation request as an instruction inputted into the system. Securities that are put on offer by Account Holders are then blocked until allotment date.

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