Merger, Acquisition, Stock Split & Reverse Stock

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Reference No. About Date
KSEI-2454/JKU/0220 Additional Information for PT Danayasa Arthatama Tbk (SCBD) Shares??? Voluntary Tender Offer February 12, 2020
KSEI-2311/JKU/0220 Postponement of PT Danayasa Arthatama Tbk (SCBD) Shares Voluntary Tender Offer February 11, 2020
KSEI-2254/JKU/0220 PT Radana Bhaskara Finance Tbk (HDFA) Shares Mandatory Tender Offer Declaration Schedule February 10, 2020
KSEI-2126/JKU/0220 Schedule of Stock Split FAST FOOD INDONESIA Tbk (FAST). February 06, 2020