The Procedures of Commercial Paper (CP) Registration at KSEI

A. The Procedures of Commercial Paper (CP) registration at KSEI

B. Download File The Procedures of Commercial Paper (CP) Registrattion at KSEI

Attachment 1 Letter of Application for Registration CP
Attachment 2 Letter of Office Authorities
Attachment 3 Specimen Signature Form
Attachment 4 Draft Perjanjian CP - English
Attachment 5 Registration Form (CP)
Attachment 6 Proposal Letter Code of CP
Attachment 7 Distribustion Format of CP
Attachment 8 Submission Summary of Distribution CP
Attachment 9 Letter of Instruction Distribution CP
Attachment 10 Jumbo Certificate Letter CP
Attachment 11 Format of Certificate Jumbo CP
Attachment 12 Issuers Area Registration Form

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